Welcome to Shabbat

Welcome to Shabbat dinner!!

What a blessing it is, especially after a LONG, HARD, BUSY week (which is a rather good description of how our weeks went here in our house), to sit around a table, enjoy each others' company, and rest in God. Plus, EAT STEAK! :-)

To go with our steak, we made the Quinoa with Spinach and Mushrooms recipe - with a twist! We have a whole Costco bag of colored peppers in the fridge that need using, so we decided to throw one in. YUM!!! We sliced one orange pepper into thinnish slices and added it with the onions at the beginning. Turned out to be a yummy twist that I think ya'll should try!

Note to Bonnie: Thanks for the link help...see, I DID it! :-)

Thanks for joining us at Shabbat dinner. I hope find time this weekend (or week) to rest.

And as we go about the business of life...may the lights of Shabbat (ie: God's love) stay in our hearts.


With love for you said...

o! tihis is nice

Sabba and Nanny said...

Hey, that looks like my favorite cat in that picture!