Freezer Lunches

I've been making burritos of various kinds (mainly breakfast and rice and bean) for a while now.  The boys all love how easy they are to pull out for lunches or snacks before/after practices.  Lately, I've made the discovery that leftovers are too difficult to pull out of the fridge to eat, but stick them in a tortilla and BAM lunch!  Here's a little tutorial on how I do it.

What to do with leftover mashed potatoes and peas?  Mix them up...

Top with leftover meat and some shredded cheese...

OR take some sausages out of the freezer (I get manager's special meat, so I often have little bits of various things) and pan fry and top the mash with the sausages and cheese.  Wrap them up and put them in foil or a Ziplock. And freeze!

Another thing I sometimes get cheap with the manager's special meat is ground sausage.  Brown it and add to cooked scrambled eggs (today I did 1lb meat to 12 eggs...but any ratio works).

Place the mixture in tortillas along with salsa, shredded cheese, and sour cream.  Wrap up and place in foil or Ziplocks. And Freeze!!

What to do with leftover beef and cream cheese?  Cut them up.

Add to scrambled eggs and mix up.

Place mixture in tortillas and top with favorite salsa.  Wrap up, foil/Ziplock, and Freeze!!

Leftover sausage and bean mixture?  

Add to tortilla with cheese and sour cream.  Wrap, foil/Ziplock, and Freeze!! 

Today I also pan-fried hot dogs and two hamburger patties, and used up the ends of some lunch meat packages and sliced cheese.  

All said, I completely filled the freezer box with easy, ready-to-grab lunches with just a couple hours of work and I used up leftovers!  That's a successful day!