I love Sushi.
There are not any good sushi places around here.
I make my own.
It's not as good as a great sushi place but we like it.
If I can make it ... you can make it !

We had it for lunch on Saturday and I thought I'd take some
photos and do a little "how to" post for you !
You can put anything in it !
I like to look at the menu's my Dad sent me from a few places in Co
and experiment with those ingredients.
But, when I need it to be easy these are the ingredients I use.
Tamago (see recipe here)
Imitation Crab Meat ( I keep it on hand in the freezer )
Sesame Seeds
Japanese Mayonnaise

Start with the rice. Short grain. I cook mine in a rice cooker.
I usually do two or three cups for our sushi lovin' family of four.
Add the sushi rice vinegar and let rice cool.
I just let it sit (covered) rather than use a fan like a real sushi chef would do.
If you do just let it sit, make sure to cover it with a clean hand towel
(or lid) because it will dry out if you don't.
How much vinegar ?
The back of the bottle should tell you.
Mine says 1 tbls per cup of rice. And I usually add a little bit extra !
Get your piece of seaweed on your little rolly mat.
Add rice ... like this.

Put your ingredients in ... like this.
(The sesame seeds are sprinkled along the bottom)
(The mayo and wasabi are underneath all that too !)

Roll it up ... like this.
Use your finger to put a bit of water along the flat outside edge
so that when you roll it up, it will stick better.

Roll the rest of the way and use your mat to give it a bit of a squeeze.

You can leave it long and just pick it up to dip in Soy Sauce or you can cut it.
Like this ...


"Let's eat."


Mrs. Wallace said...

I'm hungry for sushi time to make it though, maybe I'll pick some up. now the problem is: sushi or artichoke pasta...hummmm.

Definitely going to try making some sushi myself some time. I love a good challange!

Sabba and Nanny said...

Love the hiragana. Makes me homesick!

Khrista said...

I might try this...:o)

Demara said...
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Demara said...

Mmmm...Itadakimasu! (pronounced: eat-ta-duh-key-ma-sss) or Itadakimashoo! (pronounced: eat-ta-duh-key-ma-show (Let's eat!) Gochisosama Deshita (pronounced: Go-ch-so-sama-de-sh-ta) (I'm all fed up!) Sorry I love Japanese, as I'm sure you knew already, and studied it for 3 years, 8 years ago.) I've made homemade sushi before too, but found saran wrap was much easier to use than the bamboo mat, and it is cheaper. Hmm...perhaps I will make it again sometime. (That's something I CAN make! that Jeff eats too...)I love your photos btw! Good Job~