Welcome to the Beans Blog. I've noticed, in my travels through blogland, that many bloggers write an "about the author" post.

So ... here's ours !

What started out as, and I quote from my very first post ... "Having become very discouraged with trying to find healthy recipes that I KNOW WILL BE GOOD ... I've decided to enlist the help of my Mom, two of my cousins and my best friend Shay. All are great cooks and amazingly healthy eaters ... I keep getting emails about all the great things they are cooking. So ... here is my attempt at getting all of those recipes and ideas and hints and tips and nutritional discoveries at my fingertips. Actually, it's more about me feeling like I'm a part of it all but we'll just keep that to ourselves !!" has grown to a much larger, and every expanding group of family and friends (in real life and from the blogging world) posting here.

Although the focus is "Extrememly Healthy Yet Surprisingly Tasty" recipes, there are other not quite as healthy recipes thrown in there as well. And that is ok ... :) I love a healthy balance.

For me, this blog has become a great place of community ... I love waking up in the morning and finding posts from California, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Alaska, Washington, and here in Australia !! I love that there is a place where I can come and ask for a tortilla recipe and one gets posted ! I love the variety. I love the photography. I love the experimentation of new culinary delights ! I love this blog ... and I hope you do too !!

~ Bonnie