Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas ~ Bread Maker Edition

I'm reposting this because it had an error. These never turned out right after the first time I made them and I couldn't figure out why !! Then a friend tried them and questioned the amount of water, then today I made them today and they were WAY too wet so I went back to the source and for some reason, I had the wrong amount of water. DOUBLE the amount, in fact. So ... I've changed the recipe here to be correct. It is in fact only 1.5 cups of boiling water ... not three !!! I had to add another couple of cups of flour to salvage the ones I made today ... I'm off now to cook them and pop them into the freezer for easy use during the week !!! Sorry if you all have tried these without success. Try them again !!! But ... with the right amount of water !!!


I've been wanting to try making flour tortillas for a long time. The thing that always stops me though is making the dough. I'm just not a lover of kneading ! NOT. AT. ALL ! I found this recipe and for some reason that is not obvious to me now, I thought I could do it in the bread maker. I did and it worked so well !! HUGE SUCCESS !! I'm so excited about it !!

I read through a whole bunch of the reviews of this recipe and found a few changes that I thought would be good and therefore almost completely changed the recipe ! Here's the way I did it.

Add the following to your bread maker ...

5 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1.5 cups boiling water

After you stop wondering if it's going to bubble over, shut the lid, and turn your bread maker on to the 'dough' cycle. I did mine last night before I went to bed. When I woke up this morning, it looked great. I left it for an hour or two or three til I was ready for the next step. When you're ready, roll them into golf ball size balls and put them on a tray. I used a meatloaf pan. When you've rolled them all, cover it. I used press and seal because I was planning to leave them all day and I didn't want them to dry out. And then I left them ... all day, til dinner. One of the reviews said the longer they sit, the easier they are to roll out. So ... when you are ready to cook them ... roll them out, one at a time. (while one is cooking, roll out the next one) I found the ones I had rolled weren't big enough so I combined one and a half balls each time and rolled that out. I just used a rolling pin and I didn't flour the surface because I hate the feeling of flour on my fingers. But ... it was sticky so you might want to if you don't have my same flour foible. Heat your griddle or large frying pan over high heat. I put some olive oil in the bottom of mine. Fry your tortillas one at a time. I'm not exactly sure how long to cook it ... some people talked about bubbles. Some of mine bubbled, some of them didn't. But ... you do both sides. Doesn't take long. I just chopped off a piece of the first couple to see when they tasted done and went from there !!

This recipe says the tortillas can be refrigerated or frozen. I didn't cook them all tonight (there were 27 balls !!) and have refrigerated the leftover balls. Tomorrow, I'll cook up a few more. Freeze a few dough balls. Freeze a few cooked tortillas. You know ... experiment and see what works best !!

I served tonight's tortillas with :
black beans
spring onion
greek yogurt
cilantro lime rice



andrafaye said...

wow! this is great! you are on a roll. let me know how the frozen ones turn out. i bet just fine. my mom has a tortilla press that someone from new mexico sent her...i may have to "borrow" that thing and give it a whirl.

andrafaye said...

wow! this is great! you are on a roll. let me know how the frozen ones turn out. i bet just fine. my mom has a tortilla press that someone from new mexico sent her...i may have to "borrow" that thing and give it a whirl.

Renee said...

hello -- i just found your blog and am very excited to try the tortilla recipe!
thank you for such a great blog. i look forward to exploring it more.

khanley said...

Are you seriously supposed to add a CUP of olive oil to the bread machine, or is that supposed to be for frying them???

Bonnie said...

Yep ... You add it to the bread machine.

Klutz said...

I was looking for a whole wheat tortilla recipe I could mix in the bread machine and stumbled on this post. I have used the recipe a number of times and have experimented with different amounts of oil as I found 1 cup was too much for my liking. In the end I have settled on 2/3 of a cup of oil as the ideal amount, the dough still has good consistency without releasing excess oil if left to sit. Thanks for the great post, glad I came across it!