Potato and Sweet Potato "fries"

These were so yummy and so easy ... I served these with Rory's salmon. I also made Paella de Granos de Paraiso (Amaranth Paella with Peppers and Greens) and it was NASTY. We did not eat it. I hate it when that happens. It happens to rarely that when it does, it really bums me out ! I'm glad I thought to do these as well !! I think it's always a good idea to have a second side when the side you are trying is new !

So ... how to ? I just cut up a big sweet potato and a couple potatoes ... french fry style ! i lined a baking dish (actually, I used two) with baking paper. Drizzled a bit of olive oil and then used my pastry brush to coat them evenly. Sprinkled with a bit of garlic salt. Into a hot (400F/200C) oven for 45 (?) minutes. Delicious !!! The kids weren't that fussed on the sweet potato ones but they ate the three that I made mandatory eating without complaint.

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Khrista said...

We just had these at our friend's house yesterday! She added rosemary and salt and pepper to the olive oil! YUMMY! I will be making them for lunch this week! :o)