Broccomoli salad

I kept trying to tell Aidan that this was guacamole salad, but he was quite adamant that it was Broccomoli salad. All right.

I'm sure you've made something similar, but if not I'll just share what I made Sunday night and then again Monday for lunch... because it was so good.

2 avocados cubed
equal amount of grape tomatoes cut in half or fourths depending on size to match avocado
1 clove garlic minced. (I used a knife instead of my garlic press since I wasn't cooking it.)
1-2 tbs. lemon juice
kosher salt

Mix it all up and eat it with chips. When I made it on Sunday, it was to take to our small group and it sat on the counter for about an hour before it got eaten and that made the flavors blend together nicely. Monday at lunch I made it and immediately ate it. It was still GREAT, but I could taste a difference.

Of course once the camera came out, Aidan needed a picture of himself eating the Broccomoli salad.


Bonnie said...

Looks yummy ! Thanks for sharing the broccomoli salad recipe with us Aidan ! Can't wait to try it !!

Khrista said...

Aidan sounds so cute! I love it!