Sushi bowl night

We were inspired by Bonnie's Sushi bowls, and decided to give it a try.
The result was AMAZINGLY YUMMY!!!
Here are some pictures :-)

We had miso soup as well as the sushi bowls.

The toppings we had available for putting in your sushi bowl were:





~Shrimp (sauteed in peanut and sesame oil and then a lemon soy sauce was added at the end)


~Sesame Seeds

~Roasted black sesame and salt

~Soy sauce (regular and the lemon one)


We used short grain brown rice instead of white. It was very yummy and we did not miss the white rice at all. I, for one, was surprised at this because I LOVE white rice and have never been a huge fan of the brown. Jill and I made the meal while Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim were at Church. The only slight mishap we had was that we didn't know about fanning the rice. I think that was pretty good for being novices at sushi making :-)
We had some nice green tea to finish off our meal.



Bonnie said...

I love it !!!!! Looks so great. Wish I could have been there ! Actually, I wish I could be there (and here) for every meal ! :)

Hope you don't mind ... I added the link to my sushi bowl post ... just so people knew to what you were referring !! :)

I've never tried short grain brown rice. I'll have to see if I can find it. I'm quite sure I've never seen it. Maybe my health food store could order it in for me ...

Pammy said...

I don't mind at all...I actually don't know how yet, so I'm glad you did it! :-)