Jimmy Jambalaya

WARNING : this is a SECRET recipe and until I get permission from my brother ... creator of great recipe, I will not be posting it ! You may not want to torture yourself looking at the photos ! I really liked the way they turned out though so I'm posting them ! I'll talk to Jimmy ... maybe the recipe will follow soon !
If you live in town, invite yourself over and I'll cook it for you !

Look at those beautiful capsicum !

Aren't the colors beautiful ?

It made a HUGE dish !! We will be eating this for days !

Tomorrow we are going to wrap this in flour tortillas, add a bit of cheese and toast in the sandwich press !

Thanks Jimmy !
It was WONDERFUL !!! (almost as good as when you made it for me !)

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PlanningQueen said...

That looks so amazing. I hope Jimmy lets you publish the recipe, I would so love to give it a whirl.