Clean Eating Magazine

I just had to post that I found a link to Clean Eating Magazine online! It's a fairly new site so some of the features are still in progress, but I wanted to share in case some people can't find the magazine! They have a few recipes from this issue available for download!
Check it out!


Bonnie said...

Thanks for posting this ! I found this yesterday too ... that's where I got that crock pot recipe ... I was looking to see if they had any recipes on line because I couldn't find anywhere that delivered the mag to here. I still have to look on the news stands to see if they sell it ...

jamestownboys said...

I am LOVING this blog!!!
Doesn't help that I'm hungry. But then I'm always hungry :).

I am going to cruise around a bit and bookmark for sure!

If you would ever like to add another contributor I would LOVE to be considered. I know you don't know a thing about me - hee hee. I am a pretty healthy cook, love a good healthy recipe and am trying new ones all the time. (and I'm usually not this forward!!) -
Think about it ;)