Calamari Made Simple

Ok ... this is so easy and so yummy. Start with squid tubes. I don't like to start with a whole squid, I've done it once and that was enough. Should you though, for some reason, start with a whole one, here's a little lesson on how to clean it.

Slice the squid tubes into rings ... or if you prefer, you can do them in strips. Here, I've done rings. They are a little thicker than I usually do them but they had thawed all the way so were super slippery. I find if they are not quite thawed when I'm cutting them, they are much easier to cut !

Mix flour, salt and chili powder. ( or you can just do flour if you prefer ) I do about 1 cup flour and maybe a tsp salt and a tsp chili powder. The chili flavor is very subtle. Sometimes I dip them individually, sometimes I put them in a zip lock bag with the flour and shake 'em up, sometimes I pour the flour on top as shown in next photo. ( this is not the best option but suitable for when needing to do things quickly )

You can either deep fry or shallow fry. I have done both and both are good. I use olive oil.

I served these this night with lemon wedges, fresh bread, and asparagus made like this on top of a bed of rocket, with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.

Delicious !

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