Black Bean Salsa

As with all my GREAT recipes, I got this recipe from Shay. We are going to a BBQ tonight and so I made this to take. Thought since I was making it, I'd take some photos and post the recipe so you all can enjoy it too !

In a big bowl, whisk the following:
crushed garlic
2 tbls olive oil
2 tbls lime ( or lemon ) juice
southwest seasonings ( chilli powder, cummin, oregano)
1 red bell pepper ( capsicum ) - roasted and chopped
2 cups cooked black beans
1/2 cup corn kernels
1/3 cup fresh cilantro ( coriander )
chopped shallots ( spring onions )
Better after sits for a while.
Serve with corn chips or veggies or on top of baked potatoes !
Just in case you don't know how to roast capsicum (bell peppers), here's how you do it. Cut the pepper into big pieces and lay on your tray in the broiler ( grill in Australia ). Turn on to high.

Broil until the skin looks like this ...

Now, I have seen recipes that say not to do this but I do it anyway. I transfer the broiled peppers into a bowl of water. It cools them off and helps the skin come off EASILY !

Peel the skin off (just using your fingers) and you'll be left with the "meat" (left) and the skin (right). Throw the skin into the garbage !

Easy, eh !? I love peppers done this way !! I will eat them just like that, add them to a salad, put them on a pizza, on a sandwich, serve with hors' d'ouvres ... whatever !! I used to put them in a jar with garlic and olive oil to store in the fridge. THAT IS DELICIOUS !! Great to put on pizza !!


Khrista said...

Definitely going to try this salsa recipe. Thanks also for the wonderful roasted pepper lesson! :o)

Ellie said...

Aaaahhhhh.... the skin is my favorite part!!

Ryan's mom grills peppers all the time, and I love the burnt skin. Pop some kosher salt... or chunky sea salt on them and eat them by the dozen!