My Menu - Bonnie - 15 June 2011

i'm nothing if not a serious multi tasker
it's rare that i'm only doing one thing ... i'm not sure if this is
good or bad, but it is the way i am ...

my menu planning this week happened in the bath tub ! with bubbles !
and a top up once the water got cold ...

if you've been following along on facebook you will know that i've
been on a bit of a 'cook out of the freezer/pantry' kick.
here's a few of the meals i made last week ...

anyway ... this week, i decided to plan for the 16 days we have left before our trip using as much as i could out of the fridge and pantry. i started by taking an inventory of all the core ingredients (whose been watching masterchef?!) we had in our freezer/fridge/pantry and trying to plan meals around those so that i will only have to do minimal shopping. i then took that, and my iPhone (with the beans blog mobile friendly page !) to the tub with a pen and paper and planned away ! i'm pretty excited with what i've come up with !!

wed june 15
pizza (had dough in the freezer)
funky lime X2
pepperoni (had pepperoni in the freezer)
tapenade with mushroom (making this one up)

thurs june 16
sloppy lentil pie (using the sloppy lentil leftovers that i froze)
i'll add peas and corn and make a pie with puff pastry
serving with roasted cauliflower and broccoli

fri june 17
lumpia (but i'm going to use been mince because i have it in the freezer)
black bean spaghetti with calamari (i bought the spaghetti ages ago to try ....)

sat june 18
falafel (why do i have so many cans of chickpeas in my pantry !?!)
with salad and tsatsiki

sun june 19
spanikopita meatballs but not serving with rice
serving with spicy potatoes and leftover greens/tsatsitki from saturday

mon june 20
buttered egg noodles with parsley
cajun flavor (?? maybe ?? we'll see how it develops) chicken pieces
with lemony rosemary carrots

tues june 21
chicken rogan josh (leftovers frozen a while back)
with jasmine rice and corn (yeah ... i have a HUGE bag of corn in the freezer!)

wed june 22
chicken chimichangas (using leftovers frozen tortillas)
with guacamole and sour cream

thurs june 23
burrito bowl
basmati, lime, coriander
black beans, olives, tomatoes, cheese
sauteed onions ? salsa and sour cream if any is left from wednesday.

fri june 24
mexican cous cous
will use tinned tomatoes and a can of green chilies if there is no salsa left

sat june 25
nothing planned ... gotta leave some nights open for weekend spontaneity !

sun june 26
crock pot baked potato soup (use frozen avocado on top)
(have you tried frozen avo? - i love having it in the freezer !!)

mon june 27
garlic and coriander chicken
with bok choy and rice

tues june 28
we have an individual serve of ham bone soup in the freezer
also some leftover frozen spinach and pumpkin dahl
going to also try Jill's Channa dal (curried chickpeas)
and i will make naan

wed june 29

thurs june 30

i'm leaving the final two days unplanned because i am sure that these meals will not all get eaten on the exact days as our lives need a bit of flexibility and you know ...stuff happens. so ... we will either eat leftovers or meals that got missed during the weeks due to plan changes. if none of those are an option, we'll do eggs on toast or something like that ...

all of that ... and i only have 30 things on my shopping list ! for over two weeks ! amazing.

and that is all i will plan until i am PLANNING MEALS WITH MY MOM !! and my Dad. and my cousin Pam. and my brother Jimmy. and my cousin Jill when she arrives from Nicaragua. And then with my sister Ellie & Ryan (my bro b/c he married my sis) And Shay and Shawn when we spend some days with them ... and Rory of course ... I am soooooooooooooooo excited !! soooo soooo excited !!

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