How To Make Buñelos (Nicaraguan Doughtnuts)

Step 1: Peel the yucca with a large sharp knife

Step 2: Wash the peeled yucca

Step 3: Chop into cubes, rinse again to remove excess starch

Step 4: Add cinnamon and the crazy salty local cheese

Step 5: Steep cinnamon and cloves in honey for the sauce

Step 6: Throw the yucca mixture into a bucket, walk it down to the molina for grinding into a paste

And we're grinding...and we're grinding...

Step 7: Add sugar to the yucca paste

Step 8: Heat oil in a frying pan. While you're waiting for the oil to heat, try to amuse a baby.

Step 9: Add spoonfuls of the dough to the hot oil. Fry until buñelos resemble chicken wings

Step 10: Add honey sauce. Devour as fast as you can without burning your mouth.

Caution, do not get distracted whilst frying, lest your doughnuts end up thusly.

Ta da! This is how we make Buñelos


Bonnie said...

i THINK these sound good. i'd like to taste them ...

ps ... is this the post that killed your camera ?

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