Diet-friendly Menu

Sunday Dinner
Ground Turkey stuffed Peppers
Grilled Asparagus

Monday Breakfast

Monday Lunch
Stuffed Tomatoes on lettuce

Snack - greek yogurt with berries

Monday Dinner
Salmon patties (from Costco) with tomato and onion slices

Tuesday Breakfast
Greek yogurt with berries

Tuesday Lunch

Super salad

Tuesday Dinner

Wednesday Breakfast
Cottage cheese with pear

Wednesday Lunch

Green salad with salmon/tuna/chicken (depending on the person)

Wednesday Dinner
Roasted turkey breast (from Costco)

Thursday Breakfast

Greek yogurt with berries

Thursday Lunch
Spinach salad

Thursday Dinner

Friday Breakfast
2 hard-boiled eggs
1/2 of a grapefruit

Friday Lunch
Salad with grilled chicken breast

Friday Dinner
TBD - Shabbat

Saturday Breakfast
TBD - Shabbat
(hopefully trying out one of the new, healthy
muffin recipes we've found...will try and remember to keep you updated!)

Saturday Lunch

Green salad with tuna/salmon

Saturday Dinner
Tomato/onion salad with italian dressing
Asparagus (or some other veggie)

Sunday Breakfast
Scrambled eggs with salsa

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Dinner
Shepherd's pie (cauliflower style - experimental recipe...will post if we like it!)

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