Mexican Cole Slaw

Mexican Cole Slaw

1 bag of cole slaw (the kind with carrots)
1/4 cup rice vinegar
2T extra-virgin olive oil
1/2t salt

Mix sauce together. Pour over slaw. Toss well. Enjoy!


Bonnie said...

yum !

the bag of cole slaw that you buy ... is it just cabbage, carrots and onion ? or is it something different ?

Pammy said...

The bag that we bought has regular cabbage, a little bit of the purple cabbage, and some carrots.

Kath said...

The bag of cole slaw is mostly green cabbage with a smidge of red cabbage and some carrot. There is no onion. This is on the menu for tonight; I couldn't decide if I should make it this morning so the flavors would blend (but the cabbage would soften) or to make it right before dinner so it was real crunchy. I opted for crunchy (cause tomorrow's leftovers will be blended and softer), I'll let you know how it comes out...