Salsa Fish Packets

Salsa Fish Packets

Favorite White fish (we've used Tilapia and Swai)
Favoite Salsa
Optional: pickled jalapenos

Place fish on a piece of foil (big enough to fold into a packet - we use a double layer of heavy duty foil).

Top fish with favorite salsa.

Optional: place single line of jalapenos along top of fish.

Fold foil closed into a packet.

Grill packets on high for approximately 10 minutes (or until you open packet and fish is flaky and done).



Bonnie said...

Grill as in on the BBQ ??

Kath said...

Yes, and since I now have such a spiffy BBQ, I happened to notice that I cooked them at 400 degrees F.

Kath said...

I mean since YOUR DAD has such a spiffy BBQ!

Pammy said...

Bonnie - when I added the photos, it put in tons of extra spaces...can you fix it??

Bonnie said...

I made these the other night. YUM ! I used cod as the fish. and I did them in the oven. on 200 (400) probably only took 10-15 minutes. Rory was not overly excited about it but didn't complain. The kids and I loved it !! (although, I didn't have mild salsa for Alia so she just had salt and pepper fish ... but Jono and I loved it)