Spicy Pork Ribs

I thought about posting some of my food.
Finally I did took some pictures . 'Spicy Pork Ribs' I named it.

Chilly is actually from Portugal in 16c to Korea.
Since then, Chilly is big part of Korean food

Sesame Oil
Chilly Paste ( GochuJang in Korean)

Pork Ribs

[How to Make the Chilly - Garlic Source]
Measuring is always tricky in Korean cooking so I will use ratio of each ingredients

Per 1 Rib : 1 Spoon of Chilly Source
1/4 Sesame Oil
1/4 Spoon of Sugar
1 chopped Garlic

Put the coat of the Chilly Source on
Both sides of Ribs
I normally let the ribs marinate with Chilly Source in the fridge for a day before I grille in the oven.
It helps the source in the ribs.

Don't forget turning around the ribs when you grille the ribs!!!


Kath said...

We LOVE spicy food at our house, and ribs! Can't wait to try this sauce. Thank you too for teaching me about chili coming to Korea from Portugal. An international blog already!

Bonnie said...

Grace !! I just woke up and was so excited to see that you had posted a recipe !! HOORAY !!! I love it !! I can't wait to try it !!