Ok ... for my first contribution, the side dish that I was making yesterday when I got this idea for Foods Of The World !! Gyoza ... in Japanese. However, I learned how to make these from my friend Grace who is Korean. So ... I will give you two recipes. One Korean. One Japanese. Both Delicious !


For the Korean ones :

about 400g pork mince ( ground pork )
spring onions
bean sprouts
tofu (firm)
salt and pepper
gyoza wrappers (you can see a picture of them here)

To make that mixture, just chop the cabbage ( maybe you need about 1/3 a cup ? chopped ) spring onions, beans sprouts real small. I don't think the proportions matter. At all. Chop the tofu. Mix all those things with the pork. Add salt and pepper.

Grace said you could substitute beef for the pork. Or even prawns (shrimp). Or squid tubes. Cut up. She said sometimes she used a marinara mix.

For the Japanese ones :

about 400g pork mince ( ground pork )
spring onions
bean sprouts
2 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp sugar
gyoza wrappers

Again, chop up all the veg, mince the garlic, grate the ginger, add everything to a bowl and mix.

Ok ... now for my little video tutorials on how to make these. My voice is so embarrassing ... but come on ... I was talking to a camera !! It's like talking to an answering machine ! I hate it. Ya'll should appreciate me putting these video's on line ... what with sounding like an idiot in them and all !!

Now, it was taking forever to upload these little videos onto blogger. So, I put them into photobucket ... then, I noticed that you could remix your videos. I wondered if I could make all four videos into one. Low and behold, I could !! So ... I present to you, my first video tutorial. All 3 minutes and 44 seconds of it !! (VIDEO IS CURRENTLY MISSING BUT I'LL TRY TO GET IT BACK...)

Also, in reading some blogs this afternoon, I've discovered a recipe that I'm going to go make tonight, using the gyoza mix I have leftover from yesterday. Here is the link ... Wonton Noodle Soup


Khrista said...

I for one appreciate the video! I know how much work it is, remixing, and uploading something like that! I have to comment on your accent! :)
You've picked up the Aussie drawl...:) Especially when you said "Grace!" It's cute! Thanks for putting this up...I just forgo the frozen ones and make them from to locate some gyoza wrappers!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your lesdson on making gyoza. Maybe next time lets see your beautiful smile I am sure we would all like that. Maybe your show should be called "By the Shore-cooking with Bonnie". We have a Japan supermarket in the city and a Daiso Y100 store but everything is $3,00, oh well. Big Aloha to you and Fam.

Patsyk said...

Your gyoza look so delicious! I've made Chinese steamed dumplings and they are really easier than I expected them to be. Yum!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll keep an eye on your blogging event and hope to join in!

Gina said...

Great video Bon! I don't think you sounded cheesy at all - just your usual cheery self! I'm hungry just watching and am definitely going to include this in my next menu plan...

Sabba and Nanny said...

Great video, Bon. I haven't been checking back to the Beans Blog lately. I've missed a lot....Have to see if we can get the resident cooking experts here to make some of these...soon!