Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - Edition 29

- home made pizza.

Saturday - beer battered fish ... recipe to follow in the week.

We also had homemade chips, onion rings and calamari. We figured we might as well go the whole hog while we had the deep fryer out. HOG is the right word too ... we felt disgusting afterwards. If we ever make this fish again, it will be accompanied by a large green salad !!

Sunday - I didn't eat. I had a sore throat and just drank a soothing coke ! Nearly stayed up all night as a result !! I think Rory made himself an egg.

Monday - tonight. We're having Beef and Guinness Pie. It's a new recipe for us. I cooked the insides yesterday and just have to top with pastry and bake for dinner tonight. I'll be making potato and turnip patties to go with it ... unless I become very lazy, then it will be potato and turnip mash !!

- we will be trying Beth's Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos ! I will also be trying to make my own flour tortillas. Has anyone reading this made them before ? I'd love to have a link to a good recipe ... I'm just picking one at random to try !!

Wednesday - Inspired by the Denver contingent's Belgian Waffles, I am going to make Pancakes. I love pancakes for dinner. I will be posting this recipe during the week too. In my search for the link, I discovered that I hadn't posted this to the beans blog but actually to my other blog that is private and I don't post to anymore ! A lot of good it's doing there !!

Come back later in the week ... this recipe is one you don't want to miss !!

A few more recipes that I've tried out this week and will post soon ...

Whole Wheat Bread in my breadmaker. Easy and yummy.

Soft Pretzels.
We all loved them !!

Made these today.


Stop by for more Menu Plan Monday !!

And don't forget November starts our month of Spanish cooking !!!


Sandra said...

YUM, everything on the menu looks SO good.

Svr said...

Wow! Looks delish! Uh..Australia and the US?? A little far apart, huh? Internet is amazing!

jamestownboys said...

My sister has a tortilla recipe. It is yummy!!
I've asked her to post it on our family site and when she does I'll pass it on here.
Your menu looks delicious. I got started on a project today and have just blanked out on food and menus and such. Perhaps tomorrow. . . .

Unknown said...

I love waffles - especially Beligan. I still have the waffle maker that we received as a wedding gift 12 years ago.
It still makes the best waffles!
Enjoy your week!