Our Latest Tapas Night

Mom and I thought we might kick off your November Foods of the World a little early with some pictures of our most recent tapas night. All of the local family loves Spanish food, and
most of us have lived there. No recipes this time around (maybe later).
In the picture above, you can see (top to bottom), Berenjenas Fritas con Ajo y Huevo Picado (Eggplant garnished with Garlic and Hardboiled Egg), Guisantes con Jamon (Peas with Ham), Pimientos Fritos (Fried Peppers), Ensaladilla Rusa (a wonderful Spanish potato salad), Tortilla Espanol (Spanish Omelet with potatoes), and Ali Oli (Garlic Mayonnaise).

Chorizo a la Llama (Flaming Chorizo) is a staple at our Tapa Nights. It happens to be the first tapa Mom and I shared in the first restaurant we visited in Rota, on Avenida de la Marina. A nice variety of aceitunas (olives) is also a must at our Tapa Nights.

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Bonnie said...


I'm drooling !!! Can't wait 'til I get there and we can do a tapas night ... or more than one !! :)

I added the link for my tortilla recipe as I have posted it here already !!

Maybe Mom can add the rest of these recipes as she has time .... I'd love to make some of them ! If she doesn't get to it before I get there, we'll do it then ! I will still be November !!!

Love you ... Bon