More on Tapas

The beautiful hosts of the Tapas party. And a good view of the yummy table of food!

Just so that your mouth is definitely's another view of the table! :-)


Bonnie said...

oh shoot, now I'm going to have to go buy another keyboard ... I've just salivated all over this one !! ha ha

LOOKS GREAT ! And I love that you posted a photo of my Mom and Dad, Pam! Thanks ! You Rock !!

Sabba and Nanny said...

This was a fantastic celebration. We had LOTS of people here. Virginians (B&V), Local Family, Local Spanish Friends, Local Family who had been to Spain, a Campus Crusade friend wanting to go back to Spain, lovers of Spain, lovers of Spanish cuisine, lovers of Spanish wine, and a birthday celebration for the multitudes. Wish you had been here.