Kiddos Kooking

Alia saw a recipe for making a strawberry milkshake on playschool this week and asked if she could make it for us. We got some strawberry's at the shop and when we got home she made us shakes.

We made a video of her doing the shake ... and then I made a video of the kids watching the video. I thought it was funny how funny they thought it was.

As for the taste ... well, let's just say I wouldn't buy this in a cafe, but if my five year old makes it for me ... I'll drink it every time !!

Alia loved it !!


Demara said...

it does look yummy! and your kids are adorable...i couldn't help but smile the whole time i was listening to Alia talk.

Terri Mac said...

What a wonderful video. Alia is growing up so fast. She must nearly ready for school. Your two really love each other, they are always cuddling each other. Great video and subjects, nice work Mum.

Rachel said...

wow she should have her own cooking show! she is very good at it. I think if I was to see myself on video I would laugh like that also! I hate to see myself :-) .....and talk about sounding have got a pretty strong accent yourself! I love it

audrey said...

How adorable. Thanks for sharing a memory of your childrens lives. They are precious.

Ellie said...

I love that Alia won't let go of Jono the whole time. And that he never really tries to get rid of her. I'm so excited to see them again.
I love that she replays the whole thing while she watches herself, "Goodbye video"
It's adorable.
And we might have to try making strawberry shakes too. If we do, I'll take a video for you.