Foods Of The World - October 2008

Our first month is going to be ... POT LUCK. Pick a dish, any dish, from any country ... cook it, photograph it, and post it. Ok ok ... you can eat it before you post it !! You can post as few or as many dishes as you like in the month !!

Since I only came up with this idea yesterday and am still receiving feedback, I'll wait to decide the country we will do next month ! And yes, I think monthly is good. It gives plenty of time ... and those who are super keen can do more than one dish in a month !

One of the reasons I went for POT LUCK this month is that I've had two friends say ... if you do this country, I've got a great recipe ... SO ... we should have a Guernsey dish from Karen, and a Puerto Rican dish from Michelle this month !! I'll be sending you two invites so you can post directly to the beans blog ...

For those of you who have your own food blogs and want to participate, just link through the comments section ... I've still got to work out how to put up a Mr. Linky !!!

Ok ... I think that's it !! I'm soooo excited to see what everyone decides to do this month !! I was cooking something Korean/Japanese yesterday when I came up with this idea so I'll be posting that recipe ... probably in a few minutes to start us off !! I did some little video clip tutorials ... if my voice doesn't sound OVERLY CHEESY then I'll add those too !!

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