Cheese and Burger ~ The Camelot


You may remember a couple of weeks ago, we tried our first Cheese and Burger Society Burger ~ The Boss. That burger was the best burger I've ever eaten ! The other night we tried another one ~ The Camelot. It was not as good as the boss but still tasty. And I made it totally unprocessed which I was pretty pleased with !!

Here's the components ...

I used my basic beef patty recipe again. It's such a good one. Topped with camembert cheese.

I made whole wheat brioche rolls ... they were too thick for this burger but I'll change that for next time !!

I caramelized onions for the first time. It was super easy, time consuming, but easy and so stinkin' delicious. I used three red onions, sliced thin. A couple tablespoons of olive oil. Heat in big fry pan. Add onions. Stir occassionally but just let 'em cook for half hour or so ... 'til they are all brown and caramelly and did I mention stinkin' delicious ??

I used homemade mayo and dijon mustard. Sliced tomatoes. A few sliced mushrooms ... sauteed.

The original recipe had a peppered bacon as well. I'm sure that would have been yummy but we haven't found a bacon that fits our unprocessed specifications ...


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