Sun Dried Tomatoes

One of the things I can't get without preservatives is any sort of sun/semi dried tomato. Total bummer. There are just so many things that taste so much better with them than without ! Luckly for me, Shay had a solution ! Here you go !

You'll need a bunch of tomatoes ... I used Roma Tomatoes and I bought two bags. Cut them in half and lay them on a baking tray lined with al foil to make cleanup a breeze !

In a bowl, mix 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper and two tablespoons of fresh herbs of your choice. I used rosemary and thyme. Brush your tomatoes with olive oil then sprinkle with herbs.

Pop 'em in a preheated oven ... 250F / 120C ... and roast them for about four hours. She said they should be dehydrated but still meaty when they are done.

I don't know if mine are exactly right (according to this recipe) but they sure taste GOOOOOOD !

And I froze them in 1/2 cup measurements ... so easy to pull out and use in recipes !!!
Mmmm ... we had them on pizza the other day and wow ... what amazing flavor they added !!


Sabba and Nanny said...

Looks like a winner.

Liz M. said...

shouldn't these be called Oven-dried Tomatoes?
Actually, I wonder if they'd be even yummier if left out in the summer sun...kinda like how sun tea is 400x more awesome than regular iced tea.

Bonnie said...

yeah ... they probably should be Jill ! Oh well ... I would try doing them out in the sun if I had some way to keep the flies off of them !!

organic baby crib said...

I think I have to wait a little longer before I can try this one. My tomatoes in the backyard are still not yet ripe and I really don't want to force them.

Kath said...

I think they might be yummier, we need to try it in Colorado the next time it is summer, I think. It might take a couple of days to dry, though. An alternative would be to find a place where the sun is 250 degrees and then it would only take 4 hours! Am casting my brain around the fly problem.......