Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - Edition 17

From Today's Simple Beauty post :

I need to plan this weeks menu too. I usually have it done by now but we were away for the weekend and as well, I'm not shopping this week ! I've bought bread, milk etc but that's it. Everything else will come out of what we have in the fridge/freezer/pantry already !!

We're trying to save for an international trip later in the year so I'm trying to lower the grocery budget. I'm trying to lower the everything budget but groceries is probably the one I have the most control over. That and miscellaneous spending but I'm pretty good at not doing that to excess. It's the groceries ... I love cooking, I love trying new recipes, we all ( in my little family ) love eating ! I do, most of the time, stick to the budget we've set but when trying to save, I feel like I need to come in WAY UNDER that budget figure !

Anyway, my Menu Plan Monday posts over at the Beans Blog could be interesting for the next little while. Do any of you have some great (healthy) cheap meals ? That's the other thing ... it's pretty easy to eat cheap if you don't eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg ... but I want to do cheap(er) while still healthy. I'd love to hear your ideas ...


I thought it was easier to cut and paste than to write all of that over again !

The menu for this week ... well, we had pizza on Friday. Pizza and movie night. You all should know that by now !! Although, I guess I do change it up from time to time. Saturday we were at Mum and Dad's place in Brissy. Mum cooked a delicious rolled chicken roast that she stuffed herself. One of these days I'll make her recipe and post it here. Sunday was a throw together meal after being away for the weekend. We had BLT's. I love BLT's.

Monday, that's tonight. Spaghetti - from the stash in my freezer. Can you believe we are still eating that ? That's why I love it !! One day's effort and I have a stash of good, healthy, yummy food in my freezer for those nights that I don't feel like cooking !! Yeah ... like tonight. See aforementioned Simple Beauty post !

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Well ... I haven't really planned them yet. BUT I didn't end up making the lentil wraps and hummus last week so we will probably have that one night. We went light on the cheese on pizza's Friday night so still have 1/2 a bag of mozzarella left. We will probably have pizza one night. I've got some chicken breast in the freezer so one meal will definitely involve that and probably rice.

Head over to Menu Plan Monday at to see what everyone else is cookin' this week. But ... make sure you leave me a comment with your healthy/light on my budget meal ideas first !!


Anonymous said...

An overseas holiday - how exciting. The one thing we do which make the biggest difference to our budget is shopping at the markets and then buying up in bulk when items are on sale. We also eat lots of tuna and non meat meals. Your meals always sound and look so amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love to keep heat and eat food on hand, too...much as I enjoy cooking there's just so much time in every day!

All your meals look great, by the way!

Barbara said...

I love black bean burritos and they are pretty good. This is my go to meal though to finish off veggies that would otherwise go to waste.

Anything with beans and rice as the base will help.

Crystal said...

One of my favorite easy, frugal recipes is a Mexican Tortilla Pie. Layer large flour tortillas with: salsa, black bean/corn mixture (can of drained corn mixed with a can of drained blk beans) and then cheese. Layer twice topping with a tortilla. Bake at 450F for 15 minutes. Cut into four 'triangles'. Serve with sour cream. I usually serve this with a salad and maybe rice on the side.

Bloggin' Mama said...

Here's the philly cheesesteak recipe you asked for... I cheat and used presliced and frozen steaks. Here they're called "Steakum" they come separated with wax paper and frozen in a box at the grocer. But it could just be an american thing because I've never seen them in AU. If you can't find that you can grill a flank steak and cut it into tiny strips, I just use the cheat because it's faster!

I cut the steaks into strips and then I sautee up some bell peppers/capsicums (whatever colors you like) and some sliced onion until almost done, then add the uncooked steaks and let it finish cooking. Serve on whatever bread/roll you prefer and top with either provolone or mozarella and mustard! YUM!