Menu Plan Monday - Khrista - Edition 12

THREE MONTHS OF MENU PLANNING! I tell you it has certainly benefited me and my family! I love it, and hate missing a week! I unintentionally took last week off, and really felt the effects! We ate out three times last week as a result! Time to get back with my menu planning! Food is expensive enough as it is without eating out! I plan to stick to my food budget this week! Our budget is $300 for two weeks! Thanks to some software Bonnie suggested I can hopefully stick to it!
Here is an article I read just this morning supporting the idea that food prices are in fact on the rise. Food Prices on the Rise
I picked up the newest issue of Clean Eating Magazine the other day and we're are having the Meatball Subs found in this issue tonight.
The Half-Hour Chicken Gumbo is from the newest issue of Everyday Food magazine.
The Pasta with Tuna and Olives, and the Eat-Clean Chicken and Rice are from the cookbook "The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook". These are two recipes we have not tried yet. I'll let you know what we think.
I found the "South of the Border Lasagna" on the back of a Westbrae Natural Whole Wheat Lasagna pasta box. It's really yummy, vegetarian, and a quick meal. I'll share the recipe soon!
(I know I say that often, but I promise I will go back and read all the post that I promised recipes and post them this week!)
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