What We Ate ~ Week 17 ~ 2012

Every now and then I decide that we need to try and eat out of our pantry, freezer, fridge and garden. There are often a few factors that go into my deciding this. One is that sometimes when we are extremely busy, I feel like planning a menu and then going to the grocery store could send me over some sort of imaginary 'edge' ! Two is when we've made a large purchase (like putting solar panels on our house!) and not shopping for a week would help pay for them. Three is when I look into my pantry and freezer and see that what's in there could probably feed a family in Africa for a month. And so, I get creative .... Part of this week has been like that and part of next week will be like that too !

Calamari, Salad (Rocket and Cos Lettuce out of our garden !), Kalamata Olive Sourdough Bread

Rory's Salmon, Rice (with a mushroom gravy sauce), steamed broccoli

We went to a potluck dinner ... I brought sushi.  Everything was SOOOOO good !

Salad ... with greens from our garden again ... and garlic bread leftover from the potluck.

Potato and Leek Soup ... with leeks out of our garden !!!

Rory went to the Footy last night.  The kids and I rented "We Bought A Zoo" (cute movie) and ordered calamari and chips from the fish and chips shop down the road.  Fed three of us for $11 ... not bad ! (unless you are considering the nutritional value of the food ... then it's bad, very bad)

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