Thai Chicken Soup

This is a soup that everyone needs to try at least once in their life !  Of course, once you've tried it, you'll want it again and again !

When I originally posted the recipe, I didn't do it with measurements or anything ... In fact, here is what I said "Ok ... for those of you who like exact measurements, this recipe is not for you. Actually, I am a person who likes exact measurements but I've made this a number of times now from these instructions my sister gave me and I haven't messed it up yet !!"

But last night I made it again and I wrote down measurement so that you could have them and feel a bit more confident about trying to make this.  I also took photos of each component so you can see what you are aiming to make ! 

I cooked for four of us last night.  Two adults and two kids who love this soup and eat as much as the adults.  We each had two bowls.  There were no leftovers.  (except of the stock, lime juice and spring onions!)

Here's what you need:

8 Cups Chicken Stock or Chicken Stock Cubes (Stock = Boullion)
5 Pork Ribs or Pork Stock Cubes
6 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
3 Tablespoons + 1/4 cup Golden Mountain Seasoning Sauce
2 Chicken Breasts
3 Limes
Thai peppers or 2 Teaspoons Chilli Garlic Sauce
1 Teaspoon Sugar
4 Cups Rice (I use sushi rice but you can use what you like)
Fresh Cilantro (Aussies - Coriander)
Green Onions (Aussies - Shallots or Spring Onions)
2 Heads of Garlic (more or less depending on you !)
8 Tablespoons Olive Oil

So, I usually start with the stock because it needs to simmer for a while !

I use 8 cups of already made chicken stock (in the box from the supermarket), although last night I didn't have any and just used water and stock cubes and it was great.  Add 6 more cups of water and a couple of chicken stock cubes and the pork ribs (or pork stock cubes if you can get them, I can't.)Add 1/4 cup Golden Mountain Seasoning Sauce and 2 Tablespoons of Fish Sauce.   Boil for at least an hour.  Although, if you are using the pork stock cubes, you probably wouldn't need to boil it for that long ...

What is this Golden Mountain Seasoning Sauce ?? Don't know exactly but here's what the bottle looks like. When we were in Colorado, Ellie used one called Gold Label ... I found it in a little Asian shop here. Ellie says it's Thai or Vietnamese. I'll give you the ingredients. That's how I made sure I had the right thing .. It's soy bean sauce, water, sugar salt and food enhancer ...

The chicken. Cut the breasts into small pieces. Ellie says bite sized but I think she did them a bit smaller than bite sized. I guess it's your preference. You can see what size I do mine in the picture above.

Marinate the chicken in 3 Tablespoons Golden Mountain, I usually marinate while I'm getting a few other things ready and then fry the chicken towards the end.  Just with a bit of oil in a fry pan ... 

I put my rice in the rice cooker and forget about it. If you are cooking it another way, you may want to wait til later to cook it so that it is still warm when you eat.

For the funky lime sauce. In a bowl add the juice of 3 limes and a bit of Golden Mountain (oops, I forgot to add this last night ... I'd say add about a teaspoon), 4 Tablespoons Fish Sauce, 1 teaspoon sugar, 4 Tablespoons water and some chopped up Thai Peppers. I can't get those so I use 2 teaspoons chili/garlic sauce out of a jar.

Ellie said to use about 1/2 the amount of fish sauce as you do lime but I think that's a bit too much fish sauce so I don't put as much in.  You should adjust it to your taste !

Press the garlic through the garlic press. I do two or three heads of garlic but we are garlic freaks around here. So - you choose how much but press your garlic and set it aside. Heat the oil.  I use olive oil and last night I used 8 Tablespoons.  I have a small rectangular pan that I cook this in.  You should use the smallest fry pan you've got and if it's bigger you'll need to adjust the oil.  Ellie told me to use enough oil so that the garlic floats when you are cooking it. So ... get your oil real hot and then add the garlic. Cook it til it starts to brown. But don't burn it !! :)

Chop the cilantro (coriander), put it in a bowl and set it aside. 

Same with the spring onions.

To serve -- put all of these on the table -- the stock, the rice, the funky lime sauce, the garlic (in it's oil), onions, cilantro and the chicken. I also put the chili/garlic sauce on the table in case anyone wants to make theirs spicier.

To eat -- everyone needs to put this into their bowl -- Ellie does it in this order ... Rice, chicken, garlic, green stuff ( cilantro and onions ) funky lime sauce and finally the stock.  I've discovered that I prefer this order ... Rice, chicken, stock, funky lime sauce, onions and top it off with garlic and cilantro (coriander).  No matter what order you use, get all this stuff into the bowl and eat it.  You won't be sorry !!

PS ... we let the children decide what they put in theirs.  Jono does everything but the lime sauce and cilantro.  Alia only has chicken, rice and stock.  If we are under the weather, I make her have garlic too !  She told me last night (and it was a night that I made her have garlic) that this is her FAVORITE SOUP !


Khrista said...

Sounds very labor intensive. I'll have to really be in the mood to try this one! it sounds very yummy!

Bonnie said...

This is very labor intensive. I only make it when we are having company ! It's too much work for just us ! ha. BUT ... it is sooooo worth the work !! The combination of flavors are amazing ! I think they best way to make this is with a friend or two ! Cuts down on the labor !!!

Sabba and Nanny said...

This is the best recipe ever. We first had it in Pasco, when Ellie made it for us on our visit to their home. Everybody loves this stuff. We've served it to a number of guests, and they all love it.

Kath said...

I am so much an exact measure person...the first time we made it without Ellie we wrote down how much of everything we used...I will try to remember to look it up at home and post another comment.

A funny story...the last time we made it I bought garlic among the other things needed. Well, the prep committee for team Thai chicken soup had given the garlic pressers the garlic from the pantry to prepare. When I unloaded the bags for the rest of the prep, I laid the garlic I had bought out on the counter. Then I went to my prep station and did my part and thought no more of it. After a while the garlic guys mentioned that it sure took a lot of garlic, I nonchalontly said, "sure does" and they kept up their peeling and pressing. When the time came to fry it, it was a mountain, but we were feeding 15 or so, so again thought no more about it. Fast forward to clean up time after the successful feast....I went to put away the garlic that I had bought, but had not been needed since we had used the garlic from the pantry; it was gone! We had used fully double the garlic that our recipe had called for...I want to say we used 10 THAT was A LOT of GARLIC!!!!! (we used the leftovers in many yummy creative ways!)

Mrs. Wallace said...

It was closer to 12 plus bulbs! And yes it was TONS AND TONS! Who knew you could actually get too much garlic! The leftovers were very nice in all sorts of other dishes though :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this post!! The measurements are great! I use much less fish sauce in my funky lime sauce than I used to. And I don't put gold label seasoning in my sauce... only in my stock.
The picture looks so good that I feel the need to go out and make some.But, since it's so HOT, I probably won't!

Bonnie said...

Funnily enough El, I eat this HOT or cold weather !!

Brendasan said...

Sounds like Garlic Joe's in Yokohama! Yum!

Bonnie said...

I make this for JUST US all the time now. It isn't as labor intensive once you know what you are doing! :)