And for dessert ...

... mango 'ice cream' !!

Super easy.

Use a small tupperware of frozen mango ...
the one that you conveniently froze the night before.
Remove the tupperware and put the mango into your blender.
Add one banana.
And a couple spoonfuls of greek yogurt.


This was so thick and creamy.

And sweet.

Rory's comment was "I think this one may actually be better than store bought ice cream" !


Tara V said...

I've been visiting for well over a year and I love seeing all you are making on here. I can't wait to see how the unprocessed project goes for you! I'm excited to see it unfold. Thanks for sharing! I hope it's okay I've linked you on my blog!

Amy said...

GASP!!!!! Faint!!!

Sunshine Mama said...

Do you think it will work with pineapple too? How much mango?

I want to try it. Thanks!

Kath said...

I don't know why this wouldn't work with pineapple. There is a caution on Jello recipes not to use fresh or frozen pineapple when adding fruit for jelled salads. I've always presumed that was because some chemical present in fresh pineapple (that gets destroyed in the canning (heating?) process?) would prohibit the thickening....I don't think it would prevent ice-creaminess, though. Since it immediately popped into my mind when I read Sunshine Mama's comment, I thought I would mention it. If someone tries pineapple, let us know!

Bonnie said...

I use the flesh of one mango in this. And I think you could use any fruit. We've done blueberries, strawberries, cherries, mango, banana ... just experiment !