My First Green Smoothie ...

.... was so NOT green !!!


I'm not sure why ... I had lots of spinach in it. All picked from our garden, I might add ...


We'll see how today's goes !

Here's what I put in the NOT green smoothie ...

1 frozen banana
handful frozen blueberries
handful frozen raspberries
a squeeze of agave nectar
a bit of vanilla
a couple scoops of the fruit salad I had in the fridge
(it contains rockmelon, strawberries, blueberries and kiwi fruit)
a cup or a bit more of water
and then the spinach

It was yum.
A bit tart though.
I'll use less raspberries next time ...


Amy said...

mmmmm, looks yum, Bon!

I saw that challenge!! Go girl go!

I thought about taking it, but I am afraid it might be too much fruit sugar, and I might start craving sugar again if my sugar grams are too high.... now what I mean, Vern?

It looks way way yum!! Gonna love seeing you do it tho! Woo hoo!

Kayren said...

Almost looks a little like salsa in that jar. Almost.

I keep thinking I'm going to try a green smoothie. Thinking.

Does it qualify as food in my food? I do smoothies with a few fruits and yogurt, so I'd just have to cut out the vanilla yogurt and put in spinach. Not sounding so tasty...I'm not sure.

Khrista said...

Not sure how much spinach you used, but I put 4 cups (a liquid measuring cup) in the ones I made today.
I'll post my mixture soon.

Liz M. said...

I made a purple one this morning! I used blueberries and a peach mixed with soy milk and a little cinnamon. I threw in some spinach, but just a handful, and mixed in some flaxseed at the end.
Also, as it turns out, you can NOT make a smoothie a head of time and keep it in the fridge (even without the flaxseed). It's um....gross.

Kari said...

Mine wasn't green either. But like you I put a lot of spinach in it. Maybe I'll need to put a little more.