Spanish Tortilla and Salad


Here's what I took to Spanish class last night.
My Aunt Lissa taught me how to make it ~ it's easy peasy !
You can add whatever you like.
For last night I did one with just potato and two with potato and chorizo.
The second one was for my family !
Ok ... here's how you do it !

~Tortilla Espanola ~
Slice a potato, an onion and a few cloves of garlic.
Throw them in a frying pan with olive oil.
I usually let the potato cook a bit before I add the onion and garlic.
You don't want the potato to get too brown so do this on a lowish heat.
(If you are adding chorizo, do it in this step too.)
Meanwhile, in a large bowl, beat 4, 5 6, eggs ... however many you want ... and a bit of salt.
When the potato is cooked to your desired tenderness, pour it into the eggs.
Then pour that mixture back into your frying pan.
Don't add more oil ... you just use what's already there.
Let it cook 'til it's pretty much cooked through ~ but don't burn the bottom !
Put a dinner plate on top of the frying pan.
Pick up the frying pan and turn it over so now the tortilla is on the plate.
Now, push the tortilla from the plate, back into the frying pan.
I found a tutorial for you ... I've linked those two steps so you can see photos !!
Anyway ...
Once the bottom is cooked, tip the whole thing out onto a plate and you're done !
So ... the finale of Spanish class was so much fun !!
I did not eat according to the Eat To Live plan ~ not AT ALL !!
But I'm not going to be so strict that I can't enjoy special occasions !
I was straight back into today though.
Here's what I had for lunch.
A slight variation on what I had for dinner last night.


Yum Yum Yum !

And just look at how many nutrients went into my body !!

Lots and Lots and Lots !!


andrafaye said...

wow. after reading your dad's comment i came on here to find this recipe. looks so good i can hardly wait to give it a try!

Kath said...

When I learned to make tortilla my teacher used a largish potato to every egg. 3 potatoes/3 eggs fits best in my fry pan. I like mine heavy and thick, but there are as many recipes for Spanish Tortilla as there are cooks in Spain, so experiment and see what your tastes desire. Also, the first time you attempt to turn a whole frying pan worth of seemingly half cooked hot stuff out onto a plate, your psyche rebels. I encourage you, move a step sideways so you aren't over the burner (a psyche reliever only!), and then turn it all over in one swift movement. It will not leak out, it will not burn you, it will be heaven in your mouth in just a few more minutes!