Indio Viejo

This recipe is well over 600 years old, which makes my inner history nerd extremely happy. Also, it's delicious, so my mouth is pretty jazzed as well. It's basically a thick meat stew that can be made with any or all of beef, chicken, and pork. Normally this is served with rice and tortillas or boiled green bananas, 'cause there is no such thing as too much starch.

1 whole chicken breast, cut into chunks
1/2 lb soft beef, like flank steak or skirt steak
1 packet chicken consume (10g or possibly one cube of bouillon)
1 small onion chopped fine
Bunch mint chopped fine (you can substitute cilantro if you hate mint)
3T butter (or margarine if you're poor and/or lame - I am both, for the record)
1c maseca (instant corn flour, do not use corn meal)
2-3 limes

Boil chicken and beef with the consume in 3 to 4 cups of water. While cooking, skim off oogies. When meats are soft, cut up into bite sized pieces, discard bones (this is my cat's favorite part), set aside. Set cooking liquid aside to cool for later.

Melt butter in large pan, add onion and herbs, fry until onions are soft. Add meat to herb mixture, fry for a couple minutes. Meanwhile add some of the cooled meat juice to maseca, whisk until smooth.  Add maseca mixture and the rest of the juice to pan, add lime juice, adjust seasoning. Cook until maseca is smooth and no longer mealy. You may need to add more water to cook the corn without sauce becoming too thick. 

Serves 6.

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Bonnie said...

Sounds interesting. I wonder if I can get maseca here ? Will have to look ....