Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - 2 August 2010


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Are the weeks passing by quicker and quicker ... or is it just me ?

Alia missed her night cooking this week b/c she and I went out for dinner.
Tonight, she's going to help Rory make The Bohemian #14 at Cheese and Burger.

I'm going to cook Tuesday night's dinner while they are doing the burgers.
I need to because Tuesday's are NUTSO and this Tuesday even more so


I am going to make my chicken taco salad again !


I didn't make this last week because my pasta machine BROKE AGAIN !
Not my fault this time !! I'm going to send it back for a refund !!
Winter Vegetable Tomato Sauce
with plain old dried pasta.

I'm so excited about trying Nanette's Pancit Guisado and Lumpiang Shanghai

I'm going to try making this Orange and Coriander Marinated Salmon.
I'm going to serve this with whole wheat cous cous.

Jono wants to make Pizza.
We're going to try Garlic & Spinach Pizza w/Ricotta Blobs and Lemon Asparagus Pizza
We'll make a 4 or 5 cheese one too that the kids will love !
And I think I'll get some salami as a little treat.
Jono especially loves a good salami pizza.



Alia wants to make grilled cheese and hot chips,
with fresh snow peas from our garden on the side ...

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Khrista said...

AWWW! You're using the note pads I sent! COOL! :)
And your pizza ALWAYS looks SO delicious! My current aspiration is to make pizza like BONNIE! You should do a detailed blog about how you make your pizzas! I have been using baking paper lately upon your suggestion! Very nice when the pizza doesn't stick to the pan!