Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - Saturday 29 May 2010

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I know that it is Saturday and not Monday ... but I'm going to post this anyway. I love doing my menu plans. I love sitting for ages ... yes, it takes me ages ! ... reading recipes, thinking through the week to come. Choosing the meals. Making the grocery list. Writing the blog post. Shopping. And then, I have to wait til Monday to post this ... the excitement of it all is gone by then. I mean, I'm still excited, because I'm cooking the meals and posting recipes (when I'm on the ball) and that's fun but it's not the excitement of the planning. I don't know ... maybe I'm weird and you all are wondering why I'm even explaining this ! ha ha. Probably. But ... you kept reading, so I guess you are weird too ! :)

Moving right along ...

Here's the plan for this week !!!

We're going to a party tonight.
I'm taking Thai Apple Salad


I'm super excited about this ...
We're trying Andrea's Steak Cobb Salad and Quick and Easy Spicy Tortilla Soup

So ... I'm starting something new with the children. Each of them is going to cook with me one night a week. They get to choose the meal ... fitting it within our unprocessed specifications ... and then help me cook it. Alia's night is Monday. She didn't even want to look through a cookbook She just straight away chose Thai Chicken Soup ! And then said she's got all her ideas in her head already ! We'll see what other ideas she comes up with as the weeks progress ...


I had planned to do Andrea's Red Wine Stew last week but totally forgot to take the meat out of the freezer the night before and didn't even realize until I was on my way home from work to get the kids and take them to tennis lessons !! Needless to say, all the ingredients are still sittin' there so we'll have that this week ! Will make bread to go with it ...

Jono chose from a Mexican Cookbook ...
He wants to try "Chicken Flautas" with homemade salsa and guac !

I made homemade mac and cheese the other night, it was ok. I think I ruined it by baking it.
My Mom's was always baked and so delicious but we were working with cream
of mushroom soup, not a white sauce like I'm trying to do now.
I'm going to make it again this week but not bake it.
The sauce I made was delicious as it was so I
am just going to add that to the pasta
and serve. It had caramalized
onions in it ... yum !

this week I'll
be happy enough
with it to post the recipe !

I think we may just try a different
Cheese and Burger Society burger for the foreseeable future !
We're going for #8 this week ... The Aunt Millie

Will try making this recipe into Challah buns ...

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FoodontheTable said...

The Thai apple salad looks amazing! I hope you had fun at the party.