Talk {To} Me !

Been doing some more reading !

I got this book from the library the other day and read it just over an hour. It's full of lots of good, simple info and references. I've since been back onto the library website and reserved a few more books in this series ! Can't wait til they arrive !

I had a very inspirational cup of coffee with a friend the other day. Well, the cup of coffee wasn't inspirational, she was ! I went away with a bunch of thoughts and ideas running around in my head. I won't spill the beans on all of them but I do want to get your input on one thing ...

HYPOTHETICALLY speaking ... if SOMEONE were to think about teaching a cooking class ... possibly online ... would you find yourself interested ? Be honest ! I'm trying to feel out what would be interesting to people and what would be doable ... for someone.

What sorts of 'classes' or online video 'tutorials' would be helpful to you, your daughters, your sons, your friends, your co-workers ?

Healthy eating?
Unprocessed eating ?
Menu planning ?
Grocery budgeting ?
Simple recipes ?
Fancy recipes ?
Feeding children who won't eat ?
Freezer recipes ?
Slow cooker recipes ?

or something totally different ? I'm really wondering what your interests would be ... or even what you think would be beneficial to the people around you ...

Would you leave me some comments with your thoughts ? I'll come back and leave comments too ... maybe get a bit of a discussion going !


T'lia said...

Sounds fantastic! How much would it cost? How would you do it? If you wanted to chat about this some time Bonnie- I'd love to. As you know we do heaps of online training etc., so might have some ideas of what you can do!!

I'd love to learn more about the unprocessed stuff!

Amy said...

Unprocessed living is what I am ravenous for. I love all your ideas, and would love to pick your brain/see what and how you do stuff in video form. Yeah!

Pammy said...

Hypothetically -
A. sounds like fun!
B. would more than one teacher be able to teach?
C. would you have time?!?!

Bonnie said...

Talia ... Free. I would start by doing it from home ... from my kitchen. I'm wondering though if it would be better to do it with people, rather than just me talking into a camera. I'd love to chat about it to T ... maybe we can do coffee or an after school/work aternoon ? do you work everyday ?

Amy ... meeeee too !! and I want to share and learn and get the word out. Each day I see more and more importance in it ! If you were to pick my brain ... what would be your first questions ?

Pammy Jo !!
a. doesn't it ?!?!
b. for sure.
c. you sound like rory.

Pammy said...

B. Sweet!
C. Smart man! :-)

Amy said...


How unprocessed are you? And show me aaall your ways!!

Just that tini tiny little bit right there.. ba ha ha ha No but, seriously, for reals!

Khrista said...

I love all your videos, so I think it is a fabulous idea!
Subjects that interest me are:
Kids that won't eat
Grocery budgeting
and menu planning
I am interested in the whole unprocessed journey too. It's a little scary to me though. Seems very rigid and hardly doable on the average grocery budget and with and infant. :( Those are my presumptions though. Feel free to debunk them! ;)