Simple Sesame Asparagus

I just whipped this up as a side dish the other night.
I often whip this up ... or something similar ... as I adore asparagus !

1 or 2 bunches of asparagus, chopped into 1/5 inch pieces

sesame oil
rice wine vinegar
soy sauce

I use a big cast iron fry pan with a bit of olive oil and cook these puppies up til they are tender. I don't like mushy asparagus but I like them not too firm either. Once they are cooked, I turn off the heat, add one cap full (approx. equal amounts of each) of sesame oil, rice wine (or you could use balsalmic but I don't as I haven't yet found one without added colors ...) and soy sauce. That's it. Sometimes I sprinkle with sesame seeds. Sometimes I don't.

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