THROWDOWN! Aioli-style

Aunt Kathy and I both had new aioli (garlic mayonaise) recipes to try.
So we had a throwdown!!!

My version was made according to Julia Child's very traditional French recipe.
AK's was made using a stick blender and slightly different ingredients.

We mixed both with some plain, cooked potato (patatas alioli)
and gave Uncle Jim (our judge) a blind taste test!

The verdict:
The traditional method is DELICIOUS! But it is a TON of work.
Be prepared to have your arm fall off from whisking.
On the other hand, this mayo can be eaten without guilt,
'cause you've already worked off ALL the calories!!
The stick blender method is much much much much much much easier.
It's not quite as good, but is a wonderfully acceptable alternative.


Bonnie said...

I LOVE it !! I felt like I was there for the throwdown !!! So fun !! So so much fun !! I wish I could have tasted them but watching Dad taste them was ALMOST as much fun !! Do you have Mom's recipe ? I know you can't post the winning one - ethics and all - but Mom's could probably be posted so I can try it. And I'll most likely break down and go BUY THAT BOOK ! Especially once I watch the movie that I reserved from the library. I think I'm like 37th in line but that's better than the wait for the video store where it hasn't even arrived yet !!!

Bonnie said...

so ... this second time around we noticed that cat walking through the video. did you see that ? and also ... you can't zoom in and out once you've started recording ... at least that's what i've discovered on my camera !

Jill M. said...

I could zoom in, just not out past where I started with the zoom. So I hope you enjoyed a lot of footage of UJ's beard.