Captains Logs - 17 January 2010

Monday 9:10 pm ...

Well, I'm pooped ! Seriously ... I get to the end of the day and I'm thinking to myself "how will I do this for a full 12 months ?" I'm hoping that I will get into a good groove soon ! Some sort of routine. Tonight, after cooking dinner, I packed lunches, made yogurt, yummo apple oats, and almond milk. Good thing Rory cleans the kitchen or I might not have made it ! I am shopping around and have been finding some good products that fit our specifications too. That's good. We now have two variety of crackers we can eat out of a box. And a few pastas. And I'm trying lots of different whole grain flours. I made bread today too. It worked ok. It tasted good ... it just looked funny. The top sunk in. But ... it was 100% whole wheat and had no sugar. Anyway ... I am going to go have a shower. It's been hot today ! I think I'll read my book for a bit ... if I last that long !!

Tuesday ...

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Sunday 7:42am ...

I haven't been very good about writing my captains log this week. I really want to get better about it. I need to get into a good routine. I keep saying that to Rory ! About a lot of things !! I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen though and shopping takes me so much longer. So many of our meals are first times or even experiments to see if they will work so I find myself miscalculating how long things will take. It's frustrating but I know it's not something that will last forever.

Rory said to me the other day "this isn't really that bad, you know ? I think we've been eating pretty well." I think he must have been worried ... :)

He also said, just last night, that the worst part about this whole unprocessed thing is that he rarely feels satisfied after a meal. Even when he eats til he is full, he just doesn't feel satisfied. I'll be interested to see if that feeling goes away eventually, as he gets more used to eating this way. I don't have that feeling anymore, I did in the beginning but only for a couple of days. In fact, I get full much quicker now and find I'm not able to finish everything on my plate. I'm having to reduce portion sizes. Which is such a good thing !

Rory and I didn't buy each other Christmas presents this year. Instead, we make a couple big ticket purchases that we've been considering for years. A Weber BBQ was one of them. Rory got it put together and we fired it up for the first time Monday night. And then again last night. And we're using it again tonight !! I think there will be some great BBQ recipes coming out of The Beans Blog soon ...

I know it's morning, and I normally post this in the evening but I'm going to post this now ... Rory built some shelves into the office closet yesterday and I know I'll be spending the day organizing those. I've got some cookin' to do to get ready for the week. Plus, there's talk of us taking the kids to the beach later this afternoon. All that by way of saying ... I may not have the energy to come back and write tonight !!!

Hasta Luego,

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