A Revelation in Omelets

After going to see the move Julie & Julia, I went immediately home and youtubed old Julia Child cooking shows. The first one I stumbled across showed how to make French omelets. It looked pretty easy, so I gave it a whirl today.


I will never eat scrambled eggs again. Also, I may need to build a small, tasteful shrine to Madame Julia in my apartment.

What you need:
A non-stick frying pan at least 7 inches in diameter (cooking surface).
A whisk
A bowl
2-3 eggs (I used 2)
Salt & Pepper

Crack open the eggs into a bowl, season with salt and pepper and add a smidge of water (I never measured, but it couldn't have been more than a teaspoon). Whisk together until well incorporated.

Meanwhile, heat the pan to VERY hot. Seriously, use the highest heat setting your stove can manage. Once the pan is hot, add a tablespoon of butter (yup, a whole tablespoon!) and swirl it around the pan, making sure to get some on the sides. Once the butter has stopped foaming, but before it turns color, add the egg mixture. It should sizzle.

Wait a moment then firmly grasp the pan's handle and start swirling it over the burner. When it looks like it is starting to set up, start vigorously jerking the pan back and forth until the eggs sort of fold over themselves and collect at the far end of the pan. It should finish cooking in a few seconds.

Turn upside down onto a warmed plate and either top with a little parsley or just enjoy plain (which is what I did). Seriously, it's quick and super easy and seriously impressive! Also, Julia says it makes a fantastic lunch when combined with a nice green salad. I made these for a couple of friends today and we indeed had them with a spinach salad. Oh that Julia - she's always right.

One a side note...the third one I made also happened to be the ugliest one I made. Sadly, it was the only one I thought to take a picture of. So sorry 'bout that, maybe someone else can make this a take a nicer photo.


Bonnie said...

1. Did you make these at my parents house or do you have the same Pryca plates as them ?!

2. You should give us the you tube link ...

3. Holy. Freaking. Cow.

4. I haven't seen this movie yet ...

Jill M. said...

1. Yes, I made them at your parent's house. P.S. AK, you're out of eggs.

2. I added in the link.

3. Lol.

4. You should, it was really good. The part about Julia Child's life was the best, she stole the whole show (so to speak). And I could totally see you doing something similar to what Julie Powell Did.