Green Smoothie ~ Day Three ~ Bonnie


Call me crazy, plenty of people do it regularly, but I just can't help but photograph my green smoothies in the garden. I don't know why but it just seems like an appropriate place !


Today's smoothie was the best one yet ... and the kids agree !

Maybe it was the homegrown strawberries ...


Here's what it had in it.

One frozen banana.
Leftover fruit salad that I threw in the freezer last night.
One tomato.
Fresh strawberries ... picked from our garden this morning !
Bok choy ... also picked from our garden this morning !!
A chunk of watermelon.
Agave nectar.
Probably 2 cups of spinach ... that's all I had left ! Bought more today !
and a couple heaped spoon fulls of homemade Greek yogurt.

oh yeah, water too. They always have water in 'em !

I blended it heaps more than the previous days.
I think that is why it is finally


andrafaye said...

Looks great and sounds like it tasted great! Your garden is beautiful...from what I can see. What all do you have growing?? Those strawberries look lovely.

Khrista said...

Did you find that blending the heck out of it produced a creamier texture? You are very experimental with what you put in yours...I am a stickler for my favorite combo right now, but hope to get more adventurous!

Toni said...

Glad you finally got it green :D

Kari said...

Looks great and sounds delish.
Hooray it's green!!