Green Smoothie - Day One - Khrista

My artsy portrait of Day One's green smoothie. :)

Stage 1: 5 oz. frozen strawberries, 2 frozen bananas, 2 clementines (peeled), 1 1/4 cups filtered water.

Stage 2: Fruit blended for approx. 3 minutes, agave nectar, and 4 cups organic baby spinach waiting.

Stage 3: In they go!

So pretty!

Stage 4: Blended for at least 3 more minutes.
In the end it made approx. 4 cups.
3 of which I drank, and my daughter drank the remaining cup.
Ready to pour...

My beautiful glass that I sipped on for about an hour. Held me over until lunch.

This was my lunch:

Fresh green salad with cucumber, grape tomatoes, diced fennel, sliced almonds, and crispy chow mein noodles. I know they aren't the best for you (I haven't actually checked the ingredients as this was in an unmarked baggy from a previous salad, I wonder if they are terribly awful?)
Neither was the Asian dressing I topped it off with.
Baby steps. :)

On the menu for dinner:
Equadorian Quinoa Vegetable Soup


Bonnie said...

your smoothie looks fantastic !! i love the green color that yours is ! mine was a bit closer to green today but not really green, more a yucky brown. i will post the photo and recipe soon ... i use a lot of berries in mine. i have a lot in my freezer, that's why !!

andrafaye said...

yeah! i love the colour of this one!! so pretty! i'll have to try some clementines in mine next! my first one was more of a pea green....LOVE all the fruits you are putting in yours bonnie! i need to go to costco and load up on frozen fruit. just been using what we already have at home.