Green Smoothie ~ Day Four ~ Bonnie


Today's was the greenest yet.
The kids think it was the best tasting one so far.
I agree, they just keep getting better !!


Here's what was in it :

One frozen banana
Two big chunks of watermelon
Handful frozen raspberries
One whole tomato
Couple spoonfuls homemade Greek yogurt
Teaspoon berry power
Agave Nectar
As much spinach as I could fit !!


Maria said...

Hi Bonnie,Ray Alley clan, et al:

I justed clicked on this link after seeing it an number of times on your Facebook postings. This is Great! I am starting a healty cooking class at our church youth center to offer an opportunity for fellowship and a safe place to talk about eating disorders. This will be a wonderful resource.

MODsquad said...

Really? Ok, I believe you! I totally want to try this! Love the pictures too!

Khrista said...

Looks lovely...I couldn't stomach a green smoothie this morning, but hope to be able to tomorrow! I put rainbow chard in yesterday's and didn't like the bitter taste and ended up not finishing it. G. on the other hand drank it all up and said it tasted fine! Might be my pregnancy taste buds...hyper sensitive... :)