Green Smoothie ~ Day Eight ~ Bonnie


if you are paying attention, you will notice that i skipped from day five to day eight
smoothies on the weekend didn't work
no biggie

this smoothie was nice

not my favorite one yet but nice

here's what i put in it :

one frozen banana
one whole orange
frozen raspberries
fresh strawberries
one whole tomato
acai berry power
greek yogurt
a heap of spinach
agave nectar


Kristen's Raw said...

YAY for green smoothies! Today I made a quart of green smoothie with water, pineapple, orange, banana, cilantro, and parsley. My husband and I both LOVED it! YUMMY!!!!


Talia said...

Ah, relief! I didn't do them on the weekend either- it was just never going to work for me. I know it's terrible, but I hardly eat anything on the weekends unless we're at a restaurant or someone's house!