COPS ~ Cabbage Onion Polish Sausage


I ordered a box of veggies last week.
It included a whole cabbage.
What the heck does one do with a whole cabbage ?

Rory and I do this.

Chop up half the cabbage.
Chop an onion.
Chop up some polish sausage.

Heat a bit of olive oil.
Brown sausage.
Add onion.
Add cabbage.
Pour a big of soy sauce on top.


Put it on top of rice.

We still have 1/2 a cabbage and 1/2 a polish sausage ... we'll be having this again next week !


Jennifer Lied said...

How long do u cook it?

Bonnie said...

Hi Jennifer .... you brown the sausage ... and then just cook til onion and cabbage are to your liking. Some people might like the cabbage a bit more cooked than others.

Kath said...

It also depends on how small you chop the cabbage...I would think between 10 and 20 this could be a 30 minute dinner easily! (and so yummy!)