Menu Plan Monday ~ Bonnie ~ Starting Again

Ok ... I totally forgot to post this on Monday. Now it's Wednesday but HERE IT IS !!

Monday we had Falafel Salad and Pita Crisps. I will post the recipes soon ... YUM YUM YUM, you are going to want to try them !! I didn't get photos of the Pita Crisps but here's the salad.

Tuesday we had Potato and Leek Soup. Again, a recipe you will want to try when winter finally gets to your side of the world. I did post the recipe for this one. You can find it HERE.

Tonight we are having Crock Pot Ratatouille. I have never had Ratatouille but the recipe looked good to me and I am always on the look out for good Crock Pot recipes. I'm glad to have this one cooking away. I've got a sore throat, a sick boy, a doctors appointment in the morning, and well ... I'm just glad to not have to cook tonight !!

Here's what it looked like when I got it all ready ... I'll let you know how it turns out ...

Thursday we are having another new recipe. That's THREE NEW ONES THIS WEEK !! We will be having Crisp Tortilla Stacks with Roasted Corn and Black Beans, with Silkin Cilantro Sauce. This looks really yummy. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow night to cook it.

And finally, on Friday. Instead of Pizza we will be having Jimmy Jambalaya. Remember when I posted that one ? Have any of you tried it ? What did you think ?

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Khrista said...

The Falafel Salad sound delish! And I will certainly be making the potato leek soup come winter.
Crock Pot Ratatouille eh? I have made Ratatouille a couple times, a grilled version from Vegetarian Times. It was so yummy. I'll be looking for your verdict on the crock pot version...
And lastly, I have indeed tried Jimmy Jambalaya! It is delicious!