At long last ...

Jimmy Jambalaya
You've seen the photos ...

Let me introduce you to the chef ...
Jimmy, hence the name I've given it !!!
He's my baby brother ... though not such a baby anymore !
Sorry ladies, he's taken !


And what you've all been waiting for ...
DRUM ROLL please.
The recipe !!!
First, let's talk ingredients. Jimmy uses this for his cajun seasoning.

Nantucket Off-Shore Cajun Seasoning (Bayou Rub)
I was not able to find that particular brand in Australia so I used this.
Spencers Cajun Creole Rub
Jimmy uses this for his wild rice.
I couldn't find it here so I just bought the
super long grain black rice at the health food store
and mixed it with some basmati and jasmine rice.

Cajun Seasoning
Wild Rice
Chicken Breast
Italian Sausage

1 each red, green and yellow capsicum (bell pepper)
4 fresh tomatoes
28oz can tomatoes, peeled
28oz can tomatoes, crushed

How to make it:
This recipe is a bit of experiment to see how you like it. The quantities are a bit like that too. I think I used 2 chicken breasts ( or was it just one ? ) I used 2 italian sausages.

First thing you need to do it get your rice started. I think I did 2 cups and we had waaaaaay too much food for our family of four !

Next, cook your meat. Jimmy does it on the BBQ with Hickory Smoke Wood Chips. I can't get those here so I marinated the chicken in a Hickory Smoke Marinade and it was goooood ! Put a bit of Tabasco and the cajun seasoning on the meat. Jimmy also used red wine. I didn't have any on hand the night I made it so I didn't use it. Once the meat is cooked, chop it into bite sized pieces.

Next, the "soup". Pour your cans of tomatoes into a pot. Add your fresh tomatoes and whatever seasonings you fancy. I didn't bother with any seasonings. Boil up into a nice "soup"

While the soup is boiling do the veggies. Chop 'em all up. Do the garlic how you like it ... Jimmy and I both did big chunks. Sautee the garlic, onion and peppers to your desired softness.

Add veggies to soup. Add some cajun seasoning to soup.

Last, pour the rice, soup and meat into a bowl. Mix well. Serve.

Enjoy !!!


Sabba and Nanny said...

It's great!

Khrista said...

This will be going on next weeks menu!

PlanningQueen said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. I am so looking forward to trying it.

andrafaye said...

can't wait...i am making this tonight. mmmm.