Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - Edition 22

Mondays come around so quickly !
Do they for you too ?
Here's the menu for this week ...

Friday we had pizza.

Good pizza.

Of course, the pizza we eat around here is always good.

That's a problem ! A big problem ... :)

Saturday we did a BBQ.

We all had something different.

You can read about it and get my yummy fish recipe here.

Last night, Sunday, we had the yummiest dinner.

Tried two new recipes and made that great focaccia bread.

I'll be posting the new recipes tomorrow.

You'll want to check back to see these:
1. Italian Roast Peppers
2. Stuffed Mushrooms

I'm having the leftovers for lunch ... at least I hope I am.

I wonder if Rory took them to work ??

Tonight, Monday, we are having a new recipe out of this book.

It's called Persian Minted Onion Soup and it looks delish.

I'll post the recipe later in the week if it's as good as it looks !

I'm also making the rest of the focaccia. Last night, in an effort to reduce our bread intake, I only baked half the loaf.

Tuesday and Wednesday we will be trying two more new recipes.

Tues ~ Spinach and Cannellini Beans
Wed ~ Balti Style Cauliflower with Tomatoes.

This is a great book ! I got Sunday's recipes out of it too !

As for Thursday, I don't have anything planned.

We'll see what happens ...

PS ... I'm having some spacing issues with this post. Driving me too crazy trying to fix 'em so I'm not going to !!

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Tiffany said...

I saw you at OrgJunkie for MPM. I tried clicking on your link for foccacia bread but I am not allowed on that site. Can you post the actual recipe sometime? It sounds good.