Super Cook

Do you ever look at a full pantry and wonder what on earth to cook ??

No ? Well, I do ...

At the end of the week I still have things in the pantry that have been bought for some reason or another but haven't been used. I'm sure they could be used for something, the question is WHAT ?!

Well, I will wonder no more !!

This is the coolest search engine I've ever seen !! All you have to do is sign up (yes, it's FREE) and put in the contents of your pantry/fridge. And then this amazing search engine tells you what you can make from the ingredients you have !! The list of recipes actually changes as you put in your ingredients. I only had like 5 things in there and there were 18 recipes I could make ! It also prompts you at the bottom ... do you have olive oil ? etc. So ... It's obviously finding other ingredients in other recipes that you could make if you had a few more ingredients.

Later today, I am going to go into my kitchen and take stock of what's in there. I'm going to enter it all into this site and see if I can't get through the next week without going to the grocery store !!

What's that ? You want the link ? Ok ... it's ~~ with all the www's in front of it, of course ! Let me know what you think !!


Mari said...

I've used this before and it's a good one!

andrafaye said...

ohhh my gosh.
this sounds like the best thing on earth. i always look in my pantry and wonder, "why did i buy that?"
going to go check it out now!!
YAY for you for not going to the store!!!

Tara said...

GREAT link! thanks so much I'll be trying it!